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Dear Customers:

Thank you for choosing Beijing Dansgirl as your supplier of dancewear, dance shoes & Gym-wear! In order to make our transactions smoother and easier for you, we have outlined our general trade policy in summary below.

We appreciate your patience and understanding, as we make these changes in an effort to provide the best possible service for our many clientele.

1, Business Models
Standard order VS Special Order

Standard order:
Items are made with Dansgirl label, package and standards.

Special order:
Items are made with customer’s logo, special colour, size, or other changes of the styles. 

2, Prices
Our prices are quoted differently based on different business models

Standard order:
Online prices (higher) are applied on personal orders, small orders or first-time sample orders. However, it includes shipping cost when you buy over 146USD. Therefore, it is easier for people who want to make a quick decision and don’t want the trouble of calculating shipping cost or other matters.

Wholesale prices (cheaper) are applied on wholesale orders. It doesn’t include shipping cost. It is better when you buy in bulk quantity.

Special order:
Wholesale prices plus extra cost

Extra cost: it is quoted based on the requirements.
Please write to your customer service representative to ask for costs

Please write to dansgirl@dancewearchina.com for enquiry. We need your quantity and trade terms info in hand.

3, Minimum/Quantity
No minimum quantity is required for online orders.

At least 5 pieces/pairs per style with same colour and size are required for standard/wholesale orders, special/wholesale orders. If it is hard for you to accept the quantity, please refer to the Special Rate Conditions.

Wholesalers can enjoy wholesale prices with any new items they purchased in each order. For regular items, they have to buy them at least 5 pieces/pairs per style with same colour and size. It only refers to Standard Order. 

4, Special Rate Conditions
It is only applied on standard/wholesale orders, special/wholesale orders. Personal orders with special requirement are not acceptable at the moment.

When you can’t meet our minimum quantity standard, you are entitled to follow this regulation: 5-10 Dollars will be added to the items that are not met with quantity.
For clothes: 5 dollars will be added, in case special circumstance is occurred;
For shoes: 10 dollars will be added, in case special circumstance is occurred.

Any changes of the specified items either in style, fabric, colour may incur some extra costs. Please ask your customer service representatives for prices quotation.

5, Shipping cost & method
Shipping cost is quoted based on:
A, what items are shipped; that is the weight or size of the item itself
B, what weights or size the parcel would be; that is the carton or box package info

C, what shipping method you would choose; normally, we provide EMS, DHL, UPS, TNT, Parcel –force, Sea, or others.

D, where the shipment will be sent to; Destination

E, when the shipment will be sent, different rate is applied in different season.

6, Wholesalers’ account
It is a must to have the following info to start a wholesaler account with us:
Contact Name:

Business Name:




Fax: if applicable

Postal address:

Basic business introduction (like are you a dance school owner? A store owner? Online dancwear seller? Who are your target customers? Etc.

7, Answers can’t be found in the above
You are welcomed to contact us anytime anywhere. 

E-mails or phone call enquiry are both welcomed!


0086 10 8131 6270

0086 10 81316271

We are working 8:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, Beijing Time, except public holidays.

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