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How to become a registered wholesaler

1, Steps you need to become our Registered Wholesaler

A, Fill in the form or send it to us through e-mail

B, It may take 2-3 days for us to review and set-up a wholesaler account for you

C, We will e-mail you a wholesaler account number which will be the number we use to deal with any business with you.

D, After you get the wholesaler account number, you will be able to download any info you need from our website and enjoy our wholesale prices in the meantime.

2, Terms & Conditions

A, Enjoy Wholesale Prices;

B, A best shipping method will be recommended;

C, Sales promotion activity is available;

D, Special orders can be taken;

E, At least 5 pieces/pairs per style/colour/size are required for regular items;

F, Single quantity is permitted when the items are firstly ordered. In the first 3 orders, you can only order new items. Afterwards, newly ordered items can only be 20% of the whole order.

How to become a contracted dealer

1, Steps you need to become our Contracted Dealer

A, Registered wholesalers working with over 6 months can apply for the chance to become our Contracted Dealer;

B, It may take 4-5 days for us to review and set-up a contracted Dealer account for you

C, We will e-mail you a contract to sign;

D, After the contract is signed, you start to enjoy the benefits of a contracted dealer

2, Terms & Conditions

A, All terms enjoyed by our Registered Wholesaler

B, Local customers will be recommended to our Contracted Dealer;

C, Promotion free samples will be sent from time to time;

D, 2% of refund to the Contracted Dealer by the end of the year: Annually, we will refund 2% of purchased item costs to the Contracted Dealer. Please note that shipping cost is not included. The refund will be deducted from the first order of the next year.

E, Annual order value is no less than 20,000 US Dollars. Please note that shipping cost is not included.

How to become a sole agent

1, Steps it takes to become our sole agent in certain area

A, Contracted dealer working with us over 2 years can discuss with us on the possibility of becoming a sole agent in certain area;

B, It may take several rounds of discussions or personal meetings to decide if it is possible;

C, As long as it is agreed by both parties, we will sign a 3-year contract with the sole agent.

2, Terms & Conditions

Will be discussed and agreed upon by both parties.

How to become a business partner

We welcome any company who has strong financial background and wide business contacts in dancewear or dance shoes market to contact us and discuss the possibility of setting-up a joint-venture. 

Sole agents who have been working with us for years can naturally developed into a business partner, if both parties agreed.

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