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 Dear Customers,

We would like to make an announcement concerning our delivery. We can’t deliver items as quick as one or two days. The reasons are as below:

Firstly, we only keep a relatively small stock. Therefore, when we receive an order, we need to remake them. The period of leading time depends on the style, quantity or any other special requirements. Normally, it takes one or two weeks to process/make the order. Sometimes, it is even longer for a specially requested order.
Secondly, so far, we are delivering our products all from Beijing, China. So a certain amount of international package delivering time should be considered. The estimated deliver time overall would probably range from 1~2 weeks depend on the destination of our delivery.
Please take consideration on the above conditions before you requesting an order, so that we can deliver your order on your desired date.
Yours Sincerely,
Beijing Dansgirl Team

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