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Delivery Schedule in the Busy Period of the year

Normally, Sep, Oct, and Nov will be the busiest period in the year. In this period,
delivery will not be as prompt as usual. In order not to delay your order, we would like
to request you to order as early as possible.

Our Delivery Schedule is:
1, 1-2 Weeks for 100 items (garments or shoes)
2, 2-3 Weeks for 200 items (garments or shoes)
3, 3-4 Weeks for 300 items (garments or shoes)

We produce garments or shoes in different factories. Therefore, when you calculate the
delivery date for your order. Pls calculate the bigger part of the order which will be the
schedule for the order.

Special order may request longer time to produce. If your order is bigger than that, pls ask me personally for the schedule.

Shipping time is about 7-10 days by air.

Therefore, pls consider it when you are going to order.


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