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Dear Customers,

Thanks for your order! We appreciate your trust on us!

As you may know, we will celebrate our National Holiday between 1st to 7th of Oct, 2014. Therefore, we have to change our schedule for delivering orders. They are:
1, We will continue taking orders during the holiday period;

2, Most orders placed after 23rd of Sep will be sent out after 7th of Oct; The time of delivery will be decided upon the sequence of order being placed.

3, Some orders can be sent partially, if you required. However, please check with us upon the availability of the items purchased.

In order to make your orders smoothly, we are established a holiday waiting-list for the orders placed during the holiday period. That is to say we will process and deliver orders based on the sequence of order being placed. If you want to have a quick turnaround time for your orders, you are welcomed to join our holiday waiting-list as usual.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you have any questions. We can be contacted at or any time anywhere. We will respond to your enquiries whenever we are available online.

Thanks for your understanding & wish everybody a good day!

Best Regards,
Beijing Dansgirl Team

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